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React is declarative and based on MVC pattern. It is used to create web applications that are large in size yet are fast, simple and more scalable. React prevents the entire page to reload again and again rather it only reloads the user interface. React helps in loading the data or changing the data over time without reloading the page.




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Date & Time
Weekend, 15 Aug 2022
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₹18,500 (all inclusive)
Date & Time
Weekend, 15 Aug 2022
Course Fee
₹17,500 (all inclusive)

Career Prospects

Career Opportunity

Software developer jobs will grow 17% between 2014 and 2024—much faster than the average rate of other professions.

Salary Trend

$ 40,000 to $ 75,000, 4- 6LPA in India.

Training Journey

Course Description

The ReactJS course offered by Zenways at Sector 14 & Sohna road Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida & Bangalore, will help you to get the necessary knowledge of React Js which will be helpful in developing web application frontends. The course will covers all the necessary topics that will help you in achieving the goal of learning react. This will be help to developers who are unknown to react Js or even to javascript to build their concepts and help their way out to become a good frontend developer thereby meeting the industry standards and producing the scalable, simple and fast web apps. Experts at Zenways at locations Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida & Bangalore help the students to learn the simplest concepts of JSX and also the advanced knowledge. This course will take you through all the concepts including creating components to the end by creating dynamic content.

  1. To introduce to essential ReactJs concepts.
  2. To build ReactJs scalable apps.
  3. ReactJs installation and usage as frontend framework.
  4. Deploy ReactJs and bind it with backend API’s
  1. You will be able to develop web apps using ReactJs.
  2. Learn about components, props, states and component lifecycle methods.
  3. Understand MVC pattern concepts.
  4. Use JSX syntax to create react elements.


  • Installing Visual Studio Code
  • Installing Node.js & Yarn
  • Setting up a Web Server
  • Setting up Babel
  • Creating a React Component
  • Nesting Components
  • Component Props
  • Events & Methods
  • Method Binding
  • What Is Webpack?
  • Installing & Configuring Webpack
  • ES6 import/export
  • Default Exports
  • Importing npm Modules
  • Setting up Babel with Webpack
  • Section Intro: Styling React
  • Setting up Webpack with SCSS
  • Architecture and Header Styles
  • React-Router
  • Setting up a Linking Between Routes
  • Organizing Our Routes
  • Query Strings and URL Parameters
  • Why Do We Need Something Like Redux?
  • Setting up Redux
  • Dispatching Actions
  • Subscribing and Dynamic Actions
  • React and Redux
  • Organizing Redux
  • The Higher Order Component
  • Connecting Store and Component with React-Redux
  • Deploying Your Apps
  • Installing Git
  • What is Git?
  • Integrating Git into Our Project
  • Setting up SSH and Github
  • Creating Separate CSS Files
  • A Production Web Server with Express
  • Deploying with Heroku
  • Firebase with Redux
  • Asynchronous Redux Actions
  • Testing Async Redux Actions: Part I
  • Testing Async Redux Actions: Part II
  • Creating a Separate Test Database
  • Heroku Environment Variables



Interactive classroom sessions

We have industry experts that act as instructors, and during the session, students have all their queries fulfilled.

Live example scenarios

Each class is supported by live examples, so that students can relate to those and learn the subject in a much better way.

Continuous Assignments

Each class has assignment session that helps students to have a deeper understanding of every topic, so that they can grab it well.


At the end of each session, trainers provide live projects which ensures the trainers about their successful completion of the session. Few mini projects are also backed with the live project and students can also introduce their own personal projects.


It entirely depends upon one’s experience and requirements but nothing can match the guidance offered by professionals and experts. So learning through online or offline classes is the best option to go for.

React JS is one of the powerful JavaScript tool that help in creating applications with custom user interfaces. Due to the ample of benefits that react JS offers freshers as well as professional developers are learning this framework to create dynamic web applications.

Yes ReactJS is definitely perfect for the web development with seamless performance better than other JavaScript languages like ember or angular. In fact, it is extremely SEO friendly and efficient and is widely adopted all across the globe.

Projects like Instagram and Yahoo Mail are completely based on react JS whereas famous platforms like Facebook, New York Times, Cod academy etc. are partially based on react JS.


Come learn React JS Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore if interested in complex web designing

Want to take your web development skills to yet another level of complexity? Love making advancements in your web page? Then this course is just the one for you. Come celebrate the experience of getting into React JS Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore with We at make you learn through the most friendly yet knowledgeable way possible so that the course is neither a burden nor a troublesome process for you. Our trainers are experts their concerned subjects which make them interact with you and solve all your doubts without getting either irritated or panicked. We at know that you need our time and effort. And we do our best to provide you with the best quality of it.

What is React JS in detail?

React JS Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore will help you know the domain of React JS. It is a fascinating platform that helps you to create some of the amazing UIs painlessly. Its updates and renders just the right components as and when your data changes and hence helps you design simple views for each state in your application. Your codes become more and more predictable and easier to debug with the decorative views given by React JS. Knowing this domain will let you build encapsulated components that are self-managed. Later these encapsulated components are composed to make complex UIs. Its component logic is written in JavaScript instead of using templates. This makes you able to easily pass rich data through your application and keep state out of the DOM. This course does not make assumptions about the rest of your technology stack. This therefore allows you to develop new features in this platform without doing any edits or rewriting the existing code. It also efficiently renders on servers using Bode and power mobile apps by making use of React Native. and its objectives regarding React JS: has a long list of objectives that it will make you achieve on your entire session of React JS Training Course in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore. The objectives are-

  1. Introduces you to the essential React JS components.
  2. Then be able to build React JS scalable apps. 3. Know the React JS installation and usage as frontend framework.
  3. To be able to deploy React JS and bind it with backend API’s.

As a result you will be able to efficiently develop web apps. You will also learn in detail about the components, props, states and component lifecycle methods. It will make you understand the MVC pattern and its concepts. It will also enable you to use JSX syntax to create react elements.

At you always get the best placement assistance at the most affordable prices. To ensure this we have free demo sessions which you may attend so as to ensure the quality of our React JS Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore by All of our training sessions are backed up by live projects via online. The well trained programmers will guide you to learn everything about the projects. This will definitely enable you to both enjoy and learn simultaneously. This kind of learning process is called interactive learning process at

React JS has become one of the best emerging technologies in the front end development. And getting trained on React JS can add a great value to your career. Zenways being a leading technology training provider offers best React JS training in Gurgaon. Gurugram being also known as millennium city provides a great opportunity in job to the job seekers. Zenways provides React JS Training in Gurgaon with most effective learning environment. React JS Training course provided by Zenways Institute is most advanced.



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