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MongoDB is widely used by very large corporations such as Metlife , Expedia, Google CISCO, EA games and other. MongoDB is a NoSQL database, based on Document oriented architecture. MongoDB helps developers and organization to have flexible database, with faster delivery of project and reduced infrastructure cost.




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Weekend, 15 Aug 2022
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₹18,500 (all inclusive)
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Weekend, 15 Aug 2022
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₹17,500 (all inclusive)

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Career Opportunity

Software developer jobs will grow 17% between 2014 and 2024—much faster than the average rate of other professions.

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$ 40,000 to $ 75,000, 4- 6LPA in India.

Training Journey

Training Journey

Course Description

This course will help to understand the basics of MongoDB concepts such administration, Data modeling , deployments and querying. MongoDB can be used with any programming language such as JavaScript , Java, C# and many more. This database is used to create Web services that is consumed by the different client side framework. The extension to this course will be MEAN stack or fullstack where you can learn more about the frontend framework such as Angular or React and backend platforms such as NodeJs and ExpressJs. The overall course is divided into three part, first is the introduction to NoSQL and comparison to the traditional DBMS, the second section deals with configuring the database and its administration, the third part will deal with the data modeling and basic crud operations.

  1. To introduce to NoSQL database system
  2. Thinking and design Database in Document oriented pattern
  3. To understand MongoDB installation
  4. MongoDB administration
  5. MongoDB Basic CRUD operations

After the completion of the course you will be able to :

  1. Understand NoSQL databases.
  2. Work as MongoDB administrator and deploy databases and write queries.
  3. Understand and apply MongoDB concepts in application development.
  4. Optimize the CRUD operations


Learning objective:

We will explore the world of NoSQL databases and will learn about the different NoSQL Databases such as DynamoDB , Cassandra Google’s Big Table. After the completion of the Architecture , you will be able to understand the difference between traditional SQL DBMS and NoSQL DBMS.


  • Introduction to NoSQL DBMS
  • Difference and comparison between NoSQL and SQL DBMS
  • NoSQL Data store types
  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • MongoDB Installation on Linux/Windows/OS X

Learning objective:

Introduction to high level commands and using the commands to do basic Create, Read Update and Delete operation. This will help us to understand the query execution in MongoDB and we can intermix the basic queries to form more complex queries.


  • Document structure detailing
  • _id and Object Id description
  • Importing Dataset
  • Introduction to Mongo Shell commands
  • Inserting Data
  • Finding and Querying data
  • Data updation
  • Removal of Data

Learning objective:

This section will help to unlock the critical thinking and design pattern needed to work with Document oriented databases. After the completion of this section we will be able to draw a connection between RDMS data modelling and Document oriented Data modelling.


  • Thinking in terms of Document oriented database system
  • Converting a SQL database schema design in to NoSQL document oriented schema
  • Comparison between SQL and NoSQL

Learning objective:

Administration is used to successfully manage the database and it’s users. After completing this section you will be able to successfully create, update and delete users in the Mongo Database.


  • Creating database user
  • Understating about Database sharding
  • Database backup
  • Database recovery

Learning objective:

Indexing and Aggregation will help you to optimise the query performance and reduce the application latency. The main objective of this section is to help you understand the dynamics involved in query optimization.


  • Introduction to Index
  • Type of Indexes
  • Index properties
  • Index creation
  • Performance comparison after indexing
  • High level introduction to Aggregation
  • Aggregation concepts and intro to MapReduce

Learning objective:

MongoDB compass is GUI developed by MongoDB to help you understand graphically the schema, data types and process the query in real time with the query performance.


  • Intro and installation of MongoDB Compass
  • Schema discovery
  • Data discovery
  • Query construction
  • Query plan explanation



Interactive sessions using led

We provide all classes using led device for better understanding and highly interactive to all students.

Practical scenario practice

Each class is supported by live project sessions, which enables students to learn well and apply the same which they have already learnt in classes.

Practical Assignments

Assignments are mandatory for our students which they need to submit after each module, this makes our trainers to understand the receptive capability of our students.


Projects are the platform which enable students to have more grip on the course and that ensures them to have a better and long lasting learning effects. Live projects are provided for a better understanding. Two short terms projects are also provided as per their choice.


To learn this one of the hottest database solution, your past experience and current capability of grasping the things matters. Also there are different institutes that offer courses of different duration. It is not complex to learn it but I guess in a month or two you will get a good hold on the basics of mongo DB.

Mongo DB is much more easier. It is not difficult to learn if you are getting assistance from the professionals. Rest depends upon your persistence and hard work.

yes of course! because mongo DB is one of the widely used database and you can also learn other languages and databases to become a full stack developer.

You can learn it from YouTube or Google videos but they will only give you a basic idea. If you want to become an expert in mongo DB then it’s better to join some online or offline classes.

No not at all, you can directly start with your mongo DB classes because syntax of both the databases are different.


Get to understand MongoDB by joining Mongo DB Training

Does the huge database of the web amaze you? Do you wonder where from a collection of related links appear as soon as you ask Google about a word or a phrase? If yes and you wish to know about it in adamant detail, here is a chance for you to get into depths of the database and its storing techniques. Come get Mongo DB Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore by associating with Your association with is just a few clicks away. Cause who knows not that has made their communication network so strong and friendly that every other technically interested person has reached out to them at least once in a while.

Mongo DB and its roots:

Mongo DB Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore which is presented by deals with Mongo DB which is a document database and is open-source. It is a leading NoSQL database. Mongo DB is written in C++ and the complete training course by will give you a complete understanding of Mongo DB concepts that you need to create. Alongside it will also deploy a performance oriented and highly scalable database. Before knowing the Mongo DB in detail, it is necessary that you understand database, execution of programs and text editor etc so as to be able to develop the high-performance database. It is a cross-platform which is document oriented and provides high performance, easy scalability, and high availability. MongoDB is meant to work on the concept of collection and document. Very large corporations like Metlife, Expedia, Google CISCO, EA games and others use it widely and extensively.

What to expect from the MongoDB course?

  • To introduce you to NoSQL database system
  • To help you think and design Database in Document-oriented pattern
  • To make understand MongoDB installation
  • Explanation of MongoDB administration
  • The MongoDB Basic CRUD operations

These are all the aspects that will be covered in the Mongo DB Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore executed by the And so keep in mind to interact well and ask proper questions to all your trainers. This will ensure that all your doubts are cleared. A fresh mind without doubts is always the mind that accepts the best.

Key features of training: provides you the best quality training and assistance for a bright future. It is with Zenways expertise in the field of computer applications that make the candidate feel at ease with everything that is taught to them. We have a well-planned curriculum that not only includes intensive teaching but also involves continuous practice. The problem solving is made mandatory and is supervised by our team leaders. We also provide placement assistance for our enrolled candidates. The extensive project works include major live projects after every practical session. Excellent training will be provided by our well experienced programmers available here. Free demo classes and all classes’ availability via online make us special and we purely aim at good coaching for our students. All these features combine with the multitude of effort from our instructors and make the entire training a success.



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