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MEAN/Full stack is widely used in the industry to develop scalable web applications and to power mobile applications also...

Angular is a TypeScript-based front-end web application framework. Angular is the rewrite of AngularJS but completely different...

RESTful web services is a stepping stone to write a better, manageable, scalable and efficient API...

Technology has paved its way towards incredible success since inception. From various tycoon MNCs or small-scale workshops...

Machine learning is systematic learning approach to give ability to the computer programs to ‘learn’ with Data. There are many ...

If you are an aspiring scientist or a data miner, learning Python has now become important in the data science industry...

Everything is mobile. Today more than 70% of indian population is sporting an internet connection...

Apple products are very popular among the people in the World and so the use of Apple products like iPhone, iPad ...

Digital marketing is a great term for all the marketing strategies in online. It is a good way to promote your products...

React is declarative and based on MVC pattern. It is used to create web applications that are large in size yet are fast, simple...

Java is one of the most important as well as widely used programming languages in the world. It can be written...

Advance Java is the next as well as the advanced level of Java programming and it basically makes use of 2 tier architecture...

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Course designed & developed by team of IITians, IIMs & industry experts.

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Course designed & developed by team of IITians, IIMs & industry experts.

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Manmohan Sharma

Great learning experiance, learnd about angularJS , NodeJS , ExpressJS and MongoDB -Mean stack. MOST Recommended. best in NCR. !

Manmohan Sharma
Suraj Saluja

Faculty and staff at zenways is awsome. And will surely recomend other students thinking of learning MEAN to go for ZENWAYS.

Suraj Saluja
Anshul Sharma

I did MEAN STACK, it was awesome to be here. There trainers are very good and it was excellent learning experience.

Anshul Sharma
Anoop Namdakumar

The best ever service I have ever come across . . . I recommend Zenways as the first priority to everyone.

Anoop Namdakumar

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Hadoop is reckoned as an open-source software framework utilized for keeping as well as processing Big Data in a distributed way on the big collection of commodity hardware. Hadoop is accredited under the Apache v2 license. Hadoop was build, in reference to the paper written by Google on MapReduce system and it implements ideas of functional programming. Hadoop is written in the Java programming language and counted among the advanced Apache projects. Hadoop was made by Michael J. Cafarella and Doug Cutting. It is seen that the Big Data Hadoop market is going by enormous growth and is giving no indications of a slowdown. Big Data & Hadoop skills could be the big change between your existing career & your dream career. It is not wrong to say, now is the high-time to learn Hadoop. If you are willing to learn how to use this great framework, a Big Data Hadoop Training Course in Gurgaon, Delhi will help you with this concern. Learning it is very important because it is a gateway to many Big Data technologies and it is the disruptive technology. And if you talk about the employment, there are several Hadoop job profiles in the market which offers a great opportunity to many aspirants.
MEAN stack comprises MongoDB NodeJs ExpressJs and Angular. MEAN stack is based purely on Javascript. At Zenways we have experienced professional who can help you learn about MEAN stack, write scalable web applications and deploy the same. We use practical approach by promoting learners to experience and to work on their own projects. Our motto is to make you write code independently. Learning MEAN Stack would help learner to enhance their career prospects. MEAN Stack jobs are in high demand and there is a surge for full stack developer, this is right time to make an entry or a career switch to Full stack development using MEAN Stack. Join today Zenways MEAN stack program without any delay.
Angular is a TypeScript based framework made by Google. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which ultimately compiles to plain JavaScript. Angular is an open-source web development framework led by Angular team at Google. Angular is very popular framework for developing single-page applications fastly and in efficient manner. Angular is a re-write of AngularJS which produces more efficient build for browser. Angular works in Class-based Object oriented programming.
Android is one of the most widely used mobile Operating Systems these days. It is smarter, faster and more powerful than ever in its new version Oreo. Android manages to capture 88% of the global market, hence there are bulk of opportunities for Android app development. Now Android is also used on Android TV, wrist watches, Android Auto, digital cameras and other electronics. A career in Android means a continuous process of invention and re-invention. Once you have the skills to develop Android apps, you can design and develop interesting new apps and publish it in the market.

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Installing Node JS

Installing Node JS

Januray 01, 2018

By Admin

To use Node you must type command-line instructions, so you need to be comfortable with (or at least know how to start) a command-line tool like the Windows Command Prompt, PowerShell, Cygwin, or the linux terminal.

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Installing ubuntu on dual boot with windows

The instructions below are for Ubuntu 16.04. Other versions will be similar but might have a slightly different appearance or order. You must make sure that Windows is correctly...

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Installing ubuntu on dual boot with windows

The instructions below are for Ubuntu 16.04. Other versions will be similar but might have a slightly different appearance or order. You must make sure that Windows is correctly...

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