Digital marketing refers to advertising using digital technologies. Marketing which is delivered through digital channels such as social media, search engine, websites and emails.

Course Curriculum

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Digital marketing is a great term for all the marketing strategies in online. It is a good way to promote your products through multiple ways of electronic media. This varies from common marketing by using channels as well as methods which enables the organization so as to analyze the marketing campaigns. Also, the internet is closely related to digital marketing it includes wireless text messaging, mobile apps, electronic billboards, radio channels, mobile instant messaging, podcasts, digital television and much more.

Course Description

Our training provides you practical training in high quality as well as industry standards. Since our classes will be taken by industrial experts, you will be clear about the concept both theoretically and practically. Our training also includes email marketing, website designing, inbound marketing, online reputation marketing, money making strategies, etc.

1. Get detailed information about tools as well as techniques which are needed to succeed in the marketing of digital environment.
2. Learn about developing and executing the plans in our training that includes website building, content scheme development, social media, conversion & nurturing leads, optimization, tracking & monitoring.
3. Get good knowledge about the fundamentals and concepts of communication and advertising through our training.
4. Understand the analytic technique as well as research process of the environment of multi-media from our training.
5. Learn about performance evaluation of digital marketing.
1. You can grow your business in a successful manner
2. Make a good decision regarding the marketing of your business.
3. Update your skills in marketing so as to get a new job or to have a good change in your career.
4. You can earn great money in jobs of marketing in digital.

Key Features

All our class sessions of training are backed up by an instructor to provide you a clear idea of the concepts. Further, if you have any queries regarding the concepts you can ask them and they will clear all your doubts.
Since our classes of digital marketing training are taken by industry experts, they will provide you detailed information about the live projects which will be very useful to know about the real-life projects. They will also provide best practices for you.
Our experts will also give regular assignments to you so that you can get a deep understanding of the concepts as well as topics of course.



The prodegree features of hands on projects on various domains of Digital Marketing to master the technology by our experienced faculties and training assistants. It provides deep analysis of a student’s code and projects along with the improvement with the help of industry experts.


You can work with any system but the minimum requirement is a PC with Intel dual-core processor along with any operating system of the following, Windows, OS X and Linux. Also, it should have a RAM capacity of 4GB.
This training course doesn’t need any previous understanding anyone can join in this course to learn about the digital environment.
Our classes will be always conducted on weekdays as well as weekends. So you can choose your timing for sessions according to your flexibility.

Course Reviews

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