Android is one of the most widely used mobile OS these days. Android managed to capture 88% of the global market, hence there are bulk of these opportunities will be for Android app development.

Course Curriculum

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Everything is mobile. Today more than 70% of indian population is sporting an internet connection and most of them have an Android powered phone. Programming in Android will give an introduction to Java and Object Oriented programming concepts. Learning to make Mobile Apps in Android opens up plethora of opportunity and boosts your chances of being successful in your carrier.

Course Description

Key Features

All our classes are backed by an instructor led classroom session, hence you can always ask question and queries directly from the instructors.
All our classes and topics are backed by real life and real project scenarios, giving you an insight how the industry work and the best practices to work with.
All of our class sessions are backed by assignments that determine the learning and helps to develop a deeper understanding of the topics.


In this module, you will be introduced to Java programming language. Learning basic understanding programming including OOP’s concept.You will also learn execution flow with practical session. Working with Variables Access specifiers, final, static Working with String and String Builders Using relational and conditional operators Creating if and if/else constructs Using a switch statement Using for, while, do-while, for each Practicing pattern programs Methods Constructors One-dimensional Array and Two-dimensional Array OOPs Concept ( Inheritance, Polymorphism etc ) Handling Errors using try-catch Collection Frameworks Working with Models
Learn about basic components in Android- Activity,Services,Broadcast Receiver and Content Provider.Working on Android UI using Button,Text,Menus,Dialogs,Fragments etc. Android Market Why Java for Android? All Versions of Android Android Architecture Android Studio Project Structure,Gradle,Android Manifest Using Emulator
Learn to store and read data within Android device.Managing device from computer. Learn New features in new versions of Android like Runtime Permission(Marshmallow), Notifications with Direct reply(Nougat),Picture-in-picture Support(Oreo).
Accessing data from HTTP Server.Sending data to and from server. Working with REST API Service sending a request and fetching a response,Loading image from online source.Connect to Social Applications- Facebook, Linkedin etc.
Learn sending data from bluetooth,Scanning and connecting to WiFi networks. Create a simple Android game,Handling SMS and Calling,Creating widgets at home screen.
3rd Party SDK Integration, Showing Maps and managing location and navigation.Sending notification to device, Adding ADS to mobile apps.Publishing app to Google Play Store.
Activity Life Cycle XML Layout and View (Button, EditText, RadioButton etc ) Parent Layouts Adding views dynamically Custom Views Toast, Custom Toast and Snackbar
Implicit and Explicit Intents Working with most commonly used Implicit Intents Activity Result Run time permissions introduced in Marshmallow
Assets Drawables, Shapes and Selector Image and Vector assets Theme and Color
LogCat Debugger Exception Handling
Array Adapter and Simple Cursor Adapter List View, Grid View, Recycle View Custom List, Event handling
Shared Preferences Internal and External Storage SQLite- insert, delete, update Working with Content Providers Working on app offline
Services and Intent Services Scheduling Task Creating alarm clock app Handler and Thread Async Task
Handling System broadcast Handling Custom broadcast Anonymous broadcast Receivers
Alert Dialogs Custom Dialogs
Material Theme, Toolbar and AppCompat Floating Button,Card View, Shadows, Animations
Events on Menu Navigation Drawer and Custom Drawer
Audio Playback Audio Streaming Video Playback
Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS Accelerometer Gyroscope Light Sensor
2D graphics Live Wallpaper Writing an Android Game
Fragments Life Cycle Dynamic UI with fragments Using Callbacks, Handling BackStack View Pager Tabs Activity
Using GET and POST Method JSON Parsing Using Volley, Picasso Library
Google Maps and Navigation Firebase Cloud Messaging- Push Notification Admob Ads Integration


This project aim at set an alarm clock and practice on schedule task,event handling,playing music.
This project aim at creating simple game and learning about Threads
This project aim at showing weather of a city for practicing web services
This project aim at creating an interesting app for online mock paper test series on multiple subjects, analysing result, share result.


As a fresher if you have never done programming before then the these things may seem scary to you. to ease your learning process getting help from the organisations that provide offline or online courses is recommended. these courses will help you in building real Android applications.
Begin with selecting best online or offline course for Android app development learning because it takes time to become an expert and to solve the real world problems. so connecting with the leading training providing Institutions will give you head start.
Well it entirely depends upon your background if you have any prior programming knowledge or if you have any backend or UX designing skills.
It depends upon your flexibility of time if you are a working individual, you can go for the online classes as well but if you are flexible enough to attend physical classes then go for the offline classes.

Course Reviews


Android App Development Training with

The world today wants everything on the go. The 21st century has brought in the urgency to have everything at one's fingertips. Do you wonder about the idea of creating something and making it handy for all the people around the world? If the answer to the last question is a ‘yes’, then here is your opportunity grab a chance and get to know the massive world of app development through Android App Development Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore. This course is organized by the most popular training institute of Delhi- With their increasing experience day in and day out by handling students and learners from various fields, is the leading and the best coach one could ever choose to have.

The essentials of android app development:

Android App Development Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore by will teach you the essentials of this app development in detail. The process by which brand new applications are created for the devices that run the Android operating system is called Android App Development. These applications are mostly developed in Java (and/or Kotlin; or other such options) which is a programming language by using the Android Development Kit(SDK).There is a comprehensive set of development tools combined in the  Android software development kit(SDK). The development tools include libraries, a handset emulator based on QEMU, sample code, debugger, documentation, and tutorials. The overall development of this platform goes hand in hand with the enhancements in Android’s SDK. These development tools are downloadable components. Hence, one can download the older versions after downloading the newer versions for compatibility testing. Its packaging applications are done in .apk format and are stored under /data/app folder on the Android OS files.

Topics you will cover:

Mentioned below is an attractive list of topics that will make you an expert at. This list surely ensures to incorporate the root basics and an advanced learning of the Android App Development Training Course. Android App Development Training Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore by is the best since it includes-

    1. Introduction to Java
    2. Introduction to Android Mobile Application Programming
    3. Introduction to Gradle
    4. Learning how to Deploy app on Play Store
    5. Introduction to JSON
    6. Introduction to Web Services
    7. Introduction to Firebase
    8. Introduction to Android Studio

These features will make you know the android app development system inside out very well.

Why choose

The list will be never-ending. is today’s leading training center located in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore not only in terms of facilities but also in terms of quality training. We are an experienced group of experienced programmers who teach you the matter and help you solve problems. We also give placement assistance and make sure all of them are getting good benefit out of it. We also have an extensive range of live project works to take after every practical session which ensures that the trainees keep getting real-world experiences of the study that they are going through. We offer almost all classes via online and most of our demo classes are available for free of cost. Come join hands with to venture into the world of computer technology.

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